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Johann Jacob Hoke, (immigrant to PA)

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Suffix  (immigrant to PA) 
Nickname  Hock, Hook 
Birth  Abt 1695  Germany 
Sex  Male 
Died  Bef 21 Jun 1766  York County, PA 
Person ID  I73000  Default Tree 
Last Modified  11 Oct 2005 
Family 1  Anna Margaretha (Hoke) 
Married  Bef 1733  Pennsylvania 
Notes  Married:
  • 1. Johann Jacob HOKE(1) was born about 1695 in Germany. He died before 21 Jun 1766 in York Co., Pennsylvania. It is assumed that Johann Jacob Hoke arrived on the ship "Mortonhouse" Aug. 24, 1728, John Coultes, Master. Unfortunately this list does not give the ages or the names of the females and children. His name does appear on all three lists meaning he was over twenty-one years of age. In his will he names the five children by his first wife. Since the record of the birth of his fifth child, Eva Jul. 14, 1730, has been found, he must have married and had chidren born in Germany, apparently coming to America with a family. The only other Johann Jacob on these early lists arrived in 1749. This could not be the Jacob of this history for church records for the birth of three of his children, the marriage record of his eldest daughter, and his land purchase in what is now York Co. Pa. as all preceed 1749.

    The first records found on his family are in the New Holland Church of Lancaster, Lancaster Co. Pa. The first was the birth of Eva (above), followed by the birth of Andreas Mar. 20, 1733. Since Andrew was his first child by his second marriage, his first wife (name unknown) must have died after the birth of Eva and he then married Anna Margaretha (last name unknown). Here too is recorded the marriage of his daughter, Susanna, to William Schroder Aug. 14, 1744. The last record for his family in New Holland Church is the birth of his daughter, Anna Margaretha Feb. 17, 1746. These records place him in Lancaster City area 1730-1746.

    In an account by General Robert Frederick Hoke of North Carolina, he states that his ancestor was one of the pioneer ministers. A search of the early ministers in this area led to Johann Jacob Hoke, the first minister of the First German Reformed Church in Lancaster, Pa. in 1736. No other Johann Jacob could be found in the area at this time old enough to be this man, only he whose family records are in the New Holland Church. Later correspondence contained a copy of letters on the family written by Edward Hoke, great, great grandson of Johann Jacob, descended through Jacob's son, Andrew. He states, "John Jacob Hoke emigrated from Manheim, Germany about the year 1727. He was Pastor of the German Reformed Church of Lancaster City, Pennsylvania in the year 1736."

    Johann Jacob Hoke was a weaver by trade. He purchased his land in 1746 in Baltimore, Maryland. After the settlement of the Pennsylvania-Maryland border dispute, it was a part of York Co., Pennsylvania.

    He raised fifteen children to maturity with one son, Frederick, dying unmarried, prior to the final settlement of his father's estate.

    [The Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania 1628-1776 by Frederick Lewis Weis, pp 73 - 74: John Jacob Hoch, prob. came from Rotenberg, Hessen; Matric Marburg 22 Sept. 1712; Ruling Elder and lay preacher at Lancaster, 1733-1736; Ord. Lancaster (Lanc.) Pa., 20 June 1736-1737; settled in Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pa., 1736-1736; German Reformed.]

    He was married to Anna Margaretha before 1733 in Pennsylvania. Anna Margaretha died bet 7 mar 1785/11 apr 1785. Children of Johann Jacob HOKE and Anna Margaretha were:

    +2 i. Andreas HOKE.
    +3 ii. Maria Clara HOKE.
    +4 iii. Peter HOKE.
    +5 iv. Johannes HOKE.
    +6 v. Casper HOKE.
    +7 vi. Anna Margaretha HOKE.
    +8 vii. Conrad HOKE.
    9 viii. Frederick HOKE was born about 1750.
    10 ix. John Phillip HOKE was born in 5 or 8 Jan 1752. He died poss. died young.
    +11 x. John Heinrich HOKE.
    +12 xi. Catherine HOKE.

    He was married to an unknown wife before 1722. an unknown wife died before 1733. Children of Johann Jacob HOKE and an unknown wife were:

    +13 i. George HOKE.
    +14 ii. Susanna HOKE.
    +15 iii. Samuel HOKE.
    16 iv. Jacob HOKE was born between 1723 and 1729.
    +17 v. Eva Dorothea HOKE.

    source page:

 1. Johannes (John) Hoke, b. Abt 1740, York County, PA
Group Sheet  F28395  Default Tree 
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